Advanced Proficiency in Longlining Techniques

Stage 3 is Advanced Proficiency
Longlining, with a maximum of 10 hours:

  • Show advanced proficiencyin Longline
    techniques (including sling load simulations)
  • Related ground instruction

Upon completion of Stage 3, training pilots will have met the minimum standards for Advanced Longline Proficiency

Special offer Professional Long Line
Training Course
Duration:9 Training days
Helicopter:Robinson R-44 Raven II
Stage 1:5 hours Vertical Reference Training
Stage 2:5 hours External Cargo Training
with 60m long line
Stage 3:10 hours continuative exercises
External Cargo Training (logging)
with 60m long line

Training costs include:
20 hours Helicopter R-44 Raven II
7 days Flight Instructor
2 days one Marshaller
4 days two Marshallers
Landing fees all inclusive
Briefing / Debriefing

Total costs: EUR 24.750,-- incl. VAT